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SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Our Offshore Company services consists of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is an enterprise level platform and an offshore development of Microsoft SQL Server which is database software of company that performs some important offshore functions such as data transformation, data integration and workflow applications, that all we serviw from Pune, India. At Mitej, SSIS offers a rapid and reliable tool for offshore development company and management of data in a data warehouse by ETL-

  • - Data Extraction
  • - Data Transformation
  • - Data Loading
  • - Automate Maintenances of SQL Server Database
  • - Updates to Multidimensional Data Cube

SSIS Wizard builds a SSIS development Package that can convey data from source to destination to and from diverse formations such as-

  • - XML Data Files
  • - Flat Files
  • - Relational Data Sources
  • - Text Files
  • - SQL Server Instances

The SSIS package can run singly or with other SSIS packages for Complex Business Development Needs.

Logic in the SSIS should accomplish following jobs-

  • - Merging data from multiple data sources.
  • - Evaluating data
  • - Splitting a dataset into multiple datasets based on data values.
  • - Applying different aggregations to different subsets of a dataset.
  • - Loading subsets of the data into multiple destinations.

For further queries contact us and tell your needs, we will find out the best solution for your software needs.