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SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)

Mitej Offers SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) server solutions from Pune, India. Before SSRS, a company always needed its own huge offshore Database Information over time. This was being done by Excel spreadsheets, a popular way to do this for a long time in company. Each time the offshore information was needed, it needs to be-

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Why SSRS Development with Mitej?

  • Taken out from offshore Database of company
  • Organise it into the proper development medium used in company
  • Development and Showcase the report to company people
  • Send the company SSRS development report

This procedure was very time consuming and had many demerits.

"What if desired offshore data reports could be found any time the company people wish to see them?"

Yes, the solution is SSRS. SSRS offshore report development and publishing can be done on the company intranet and can be run from anywhere in real time. Not only one could see company SSRS report, show the most recent data, the offshore reports of previous months are just a few clicks away. The deployed SSRS can also be configured to protect company reports from being run by the wrong people.

Microsoft's Business Intelligence SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) is an offshore Business Development reporting tool that helps for very rich company reports development which may be-

  • - Tabular
  • - Graphical
  • - Interactive
  • - Free-form

Development from diverse data sources with rich data visualization such as by-

  • - Charts
  • - Maps
  • - Spark lines

SSRS is integrated, server based, adaptable, scalable platform for development, representation and delivery of dynamic web based reports.

For further queries contact us and tell your needs, we will find out the best solution for your software needs.